Announcing the Human-Centred Regulation of AI (HCRAI) Conference on June 28 in Budapest!

Research into the laws and automation of rational thinking and acting has been going on for centuries and has accelerated over the last eight decades within the framework of artificial intelligence (AI). The technological advances of the last decade have opened the door to the mass production of AI products and prompted an existential question: how to create an ethical and human-centred AI regulation that also protects the Earth’s biosphere and supports further development?

The single-day Human-Centred Regulation of AI (HCRAI) Conference will be held on Wednesday, June 28, 2023, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Speakers will discuss the EU AI Act, including its objectives, structure, interpretation, available information resources and educational elements, case studies, as well as practical steps required for different stakeholders and AI developers. The morning session will overview various aspects of the EU AI Act, and the afternoon session will highlight educational and technological challenges and present case studies. The conference will end with a round-table discussion.

Speakers. B. Hankó (State secretary, MCI), J. Levendovszky (Vice rector, BME), H. Charaf (Dean, BME VIK), D. Tzanidakis, D. Petrányi (ELTE), L. Bódis (Deputy state secretary, MCI), Á. Tényi (E-Group), TBA (QTICS), B. Feeney (HCAIM project, TUD), P. Antal (BME VIK), K. Mezei (BME GTK), M. Héder (BME GTK), Sz. Németh (Continental), TBA (NVIDIA), TBA (Microsoft), Tarry Singh, (Real AI B.V.), Gabriele Franco, and more.

More information and the full program are available here.

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