European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe

Founded in 2003, the European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe (ESI CEE), is the regional excellence centre of the European Software Institute.

With information security and cyber resilience, being among the core directions of ESI CEE’s research and development activities, ESI CEE’s current work in the field of Artificial Intelligence revolves around research and education in different aspects of technically robust, secure and safe AI, including 1) cybersecurity for AI, and (2) AI for cybersecurity.

ESI CEE also operates the field of applied research in the field of information security and software quality, awareness, training, coaching, and appraisals in the field of cyber resilience (RMM, OWASP, etc.), and process management (CMMI, Balanced Scorecards, MBO, etc.).



George Sharkov
Director of ESI CEE


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