FIVEN and HCAIM: Together to Promote Ethical AI

Artificial Intelligence plays a fundamental role in our contemporaneity as a great source of value for companies and society. However, the many potentials of AI-based technologies often give way to reflection on the transparency, fairness and safety of their use. 

“Embracing a culture of innovation cannot do without a responsible approach to AI which must necessarily be guided by a strong ethical tension and the right technical skills, to guarantee the development of accurate systems free from bias or discrimination of any kind” – highlighted Alessandro Barducci, R&D Manager of Fiven.

With the intention of promoting this culture, Fiven – together with the CNR, the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Technology of Dublin, the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and other partner companies – won the European tender for the organization of the first European Master of Human Artificial IntelligenceHuman-Centred AI Master

The Master was created with the aim of offering young students a wide range of courses, both practical and theoretical, to understand the dynamics underlying the functioning of the different models of artificial intelligence, their implementation and sectoral declination and the evaluation of their long-term social impact.

Through the continuous interaction between teachers, students and members of partner companies, the Master allows the free flow of ideas to develop and implement ethical AI projects that guarantee respect for fundamental human rights.

With these intentions, on the occasion of the Intensive Program Week, Fiven presented to all the students gathered at the University of Utrecht three areas of experimental thesis:

  • Job Fitting
  • Virtual Reality
  • Natural Language Processing.

Promoting an AI that can be defined as truly responsible and respectful of human values does not only mean ensuring the accuracy and correctness of the software but ensuring the centrality of individuals in every project to generate a positive and transformative impact. For Fiven, this is an indispensable value, which is why, within the corporate context, every solution based on AI is conceived, designed and developed always keeping in mind the risks of an ethical nature and the regulatory regulation in this regard.

A human-centred approach to AI must be accompanied by indispensable technical skills, without which even the best intentions become groundless.


On the path towards innovative growth and digital transformation, Fiven never loses sight of the ethical and social implications deriving from the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Even in an automated system, People remain fundamental and the main objective is to work on enabling systems that perfect and make the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of the daily routine more efficient.

For this reason, the software developed by Fiven not only provides for a constant human contribution that focuses on the user’s well-being but is based on safe and reliable algorithms that guarantee the control, management and protection of input data and continuous verifiability of systems.


In recent years, the Italian company has become a point of reference in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions by accompanying medium and large companies and private and Public Administration in Digital Transformation and AI-driven processes.

The Fiven Digital Solutions Area constantly identifies the best professionals, starting from young enthusiasts willing to take their professional path in the technology sector, to senior profiles with more experience in the field and interested in bringing their know-how – how and added value to a constantly evolving business.

From chatbots to document semantics, Fiven was the first company that, thanks to its talents, developed a complete portfolio of proprietary solutions based on natural language analysis, thus ensuring maximum understanding of user conversation flows by their virtual assistants.

Among the tools developed by the company, in addition to the Conversational Agents, the solutions that simplify HR processes, including Fiven Ada CV and Fiven Ada Skills. They are software that exploits NLP technologies and Full-Text searches to extrapolate candidates’ personal details, and hard and soft skills to support HR in the selection of the most aligned profiles for the job positions and to obtain a complete vision of the potential within the company organization.

To ensure the effectiveness of the proposed solutions, a dedicated Business Unit, made up of scientific and humanistic professionals. Passionate specialists who, driven by the engine of innovation and using advanced NLU – Natural Language Understanding techniques, continue to research the nuances of human language, perfecting the dynamics of man-machine interaction to guarantee the best customer experience of the future.

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