HCAIM Webinar: Data Quality for AI

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, at 13:00 CET, we will be having a live session with an industry partner from Nathean Technologies. Nathean was founded in Dublin in 2001 and currently employs 15 people. Nathean develops a modern web-based high-performance Analytics & Reporting platform with multi-sectoral customers in Ireland, the UK, Sweden, USA and Canada. Our technology helps manage and govern the wide variety of disparate and voluminous data enterprises generate. The platform integrates with Cloud-based AI platforms such as Microsoft Azure AI and IBM Watson. Nathean is a founding industry member of the Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research (CeADAR.ie) in Dublin. The Nathean way has always been about simplifying data analysis and this approach gives us our competitive advantage over large players in the market. Nathean are very focused on developing products to remove barriers to getting meaningful and actionable results to the right people at the right time.

Maurice Lynch (CEO – Nathean) graduated with a B.Sc. (Computer Applications) from Dublin City University in 1991. He has held senior management and executive positions over the past 30 years in the software industry. Maurice has consulted for Government bodies and blue-chip private sector clients in Ireland, the UK, US and Australia. As CEO of Nathean Technologies, Maurice drives the strategic direction of the company. In 2011 Maurice completed the Leadership 4 Growth programme at Stanford University (Graduate School of Business). Maurice previously served on the steering board of the Centre for Applied Data Analytics Research in Dublin for five years. In this webinar, presenters will discuss the importance of making data quality and governance a fundamental part of your AI strategy. Getting access to trusted data is essential for both the quality of outcomes from algorithms as well as being able to trace the source and provenance of data which is very much part of Explainable AI – XAI (a topic covered in a recent HCAIM Webinar). From the raw source to the resulting information for an end-user data will go through many transformations and this can be an onerous task to curate the data at each step.

By raising awareness of the various quality control models and segmenting the data acquisition process into clearly definable activities AI teams can work to build a data pipeline and put some form of governance to enable quality checking at each step. Today we will discuss, at the high level, some straightforward concepts which can be further studied in greater depth namely; Data Volumes, Data Maturity, Data Governance, Data Provenance and Analytics. The goal here is to highlight the need to focus on data quality and governance from Day 1 as a first-class activity in your AI journey.

All sessions will run live and will be hosted on LinkedIn Live. You can view the recorded sessions at our Webinars Archive. We will have more engaging discussions with top industry leaders including our project partners from Universities, Research Labs, Industry parties and others. A complete list of all project partners can be found here. View the live event here.

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