Enrol Now in the HCAIM Programme!

Only a few days left to apply for the Master’s Programme in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAIM) at the University of Naples Federico II and the Technological University Dublin. Apply by September 8, 2022!

The HCAIM programme will start in Italy and Ireland in September 2022, free of charge, fully funded by the European Commission and developed by a partnership of 4 European universities, 3 centres of excellence and 3 companies.

The Master’s Programme will start simultaneously in 4 European universities (the University of Naples Federico II, the Technological University Dublin, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht). The goal is to support the European Union’s line of developing a trusted ecosystem that favours the development of fair and reliable technologies, helping citizens to overcome the diffidence in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and providing companies with the know-how needed to innovate using AI in an ethical way.

The project consortium will further facilitate discussion between the students of the 4 Master’s Programmes through Erasmus + agreements between the partnering universities. The network of relationships woven by the project partners gives solidity to the program, also reassuring the students’ employment prospects. 

The training course is aimed at graduates with a solid technological background, an interest in cutting-edge technologies and a prominent sensitivity toward the human and ethical dimension. To access it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree and to submit the application following the instructions indicated in the callby 8 September 2022

To undertake the program you need a good knowledge of programming, but above all great interest and curiosity in operating in a rapidly growing sector. In consideration of the international nature of the Master’s Programme, all students must meet the requirements of knowledge of the English language.

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